Ryan Lothian

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bird the preserves

writing, project management, art direction


The year-long Bird the Preserves marketing campaign promoted Forest Preserves of Cook County birding programs and helped recruit new birders. I designed the campaign to promote a new bird each month, connected with events where birders had a nearly 100% chance of seeing that bird. I created sample graphics and worked with our graphic designer to create print collateral and web graphics for the full campaign. Each month I wrote brief bird profiles for our blog and print collateral—then promoted our birds, events and user generated content on social media using #BirdThePreserves.

Award: 2017 National Association of County Park and Recreation Officials Marketing Award. The campaign led to a nearly 600% increase in birding-related visits to the Forest Preserves website and supported more than 220 birding events that attracted an estimated 2,400 people.

What I did: writing, project management, art direction

Graphic design by Meredith Raab.

Bird the Preserves Campaign